Mew Suppasit專訪|泰國人氣男神出席MCM時裝發佈會!現場分享近況穿搭!
Nicole Leung
發佈時間: 2024.02.23

泰國男神Mew Suppasit|專注工作

問:What is Your Birthday Goal This Year? (今年生日有甚麼期望或是目標嗎?)

答:I am going to put more effort on the work, on acting, from the series to movie, and come back to release the new song. Please wait for that! (想再工作上更努力,例如劇集或電影演出,以及出新歌。大家敬請期待!)

泰國男神Mew Suppasit|穿搭分享

問:Tell Us About Your Outfit Today!(分享一下你今天的穿搭)

答:This is the bag from new collection called Diamond. You see it’s the shape of a diamond here. And the leather jacket. In the Black Look today. And the new shoes. This is from the new collection so you guys have to wait for this to buy. Ha Ha. (這是MCM新系列的Diamond手袋,這裡設計是鑽石形狀,今天穿全黑造型,還有新系列的皮褸和新鞋,大家期待一下吧)


泰國男神Mew Suppasit|想對香港粉絲說...


問:Did You Plan to Visit Hong Kong Anytime Soon?(曾到香港拍攝劇集的你,有想念香港嗎?會不會計劃到香港旅遊?)

答:Hong Kong Fans, I am ready to see you guys very very soon. For magazine or fan meeting or filming. Please wait for that, love you guys so much! Thank you for all the support. See you guys!(香港粉絲們,我很快會見到你們了!可能是雜誌拍攝、粉絲見面會或電影拍攝,大家請期待一下!愛你們及多謝你們支持!)


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Nicole Leung
Nicole Leung