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Bubzbeauty示範Metallic K-pop妝容

韓風盛行,韓式裸妝大受歡迎,除了簡潔好氣勢的妝容外,也可以跟著bubzbeauty影片嘗試化一個舞台感較重的Metallic makeup!嘗試


Hello love bugs!


Here is a K-Pop inspired Metallic Eyeliner look for you all. I know bold colours can be a little tricky.  However, if it's applied in a form of metallic eyeliner, it makes it not only fun but very stylish. I've been feeling extra tired lately so a pop of colour gives my face the energy it needs. Go on and rock the colourful eyeliner!

I used blue as my choice but you can pick purple, green, pink or any colour you want.

I hope the New Year has been treating you all well. I've been recovering from a little common cold. Stay safe and warm guys!


Love, your friend Bubz xx


Source:bubzbeauty Youtube


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